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..::The Fall of Tower

So you're probably wondering what's up with the Tower Records header? Well, they've announced bankruptcy, again. But, this time I think it's for real, as the La Jolla Village Square location has begun it's liquidation sale. You know what that means? We're gonna go broke this month buying all the design and graff mags.

Seriously, though, it's a sad thing to see because Tower's one of the best places to chill. Got nothing to do? Go read a magazine. Listen to some CD's. I still remember when we'd hop in the Federico's Bronco after school to make it down to Sports Arena for a free issue of URB. That was back in '92 when it was still on newsprint. And, I still have my portfolio from when I applied for the display artist position at La Jolla back in '96. I didn't get the job, but still....

I blame it on the bootleggers industry. Not really, though.


I remember walking home from school with my friends one day when we ran into some guys holding a boombox and cardboard. One of the guys was like,"You know how to break?"

I turned on his blaster and busted a knee spin on his homie's chest. Yeah! That's what's up!

Nah. I didn't know how. I was terrified. But, then again, I was only in 4th grade.

Anyway, this one 6th grader walking with us goes, "Yeah." Then he busts a b-boy stance. The rest is a blur from there.

The point? I just got my copy of B-Boy for PSP yesterday. I thought it was gonna be lame, but nah. It's pretty fresh. I'm not disappointed.

So, for all you suckas without rhythm … you're shit out of luck at "The Jam." But, you should still cop this game. And when you're done playing, you can bust some throw-ups on ME's Gettin' Up and spit lyrics on Get on Da Mic.

I was joking about that last one. Word to Boogaloo Shrimp.


Just a funny IM conversation between me and Hektik.

..::Roadside TypoGraffiti

A few weeks ago, we made a trip to Chino Hills. It's a pretty boring drive, but this time I wasn't driving. I took the opportunity to shoot some graff on the I-15.

I'll post it to our Flickr and get back with the linky link.


You know the people you see hanging out on the islands at busy intersections? Yeah, the ones with funny signs like "Ninjas Killed my Family." What if they aren't needy? What if all the money they suckered you for went to a collective pool to fund a secret society where they live like hustlers kings/queens?

That's the idea behind OddBalls - a film by aspiring director and San Diego Chargers Equipment Manager, Kevin Duddy.

Screening TBA.


Got this from Wish I thought of this. Some buster genius students in Germany one-upped the MillionDollar Homepage and created the Million Dollar Facade. Instead of buying pixels. You buy tiles.

It's only a matter of time, but I'm curious to see how long before Space Invader hits it up. Don't let us down Space Invader. I mean, damn, man! Look at all those tiles!

It's kinda like what Luis said to RAMO in Beat Street.

"RAMO, we gotta!"

"SpaceInvader, you gotta!"


When it comes to design, MACs get all the love.... Anyway, I gotta represent with the VAIO up top.

Almost all of my design is done on a PC, except when I'm at work. Then, it's G5 time. But, a G5 ain't gonna make you fresh.

Besides, when I wanna get my mix on, it's always on the PC. I haven't found a MAC program as good as Sony Acid Pro (formerly Sonic Foundry Acid). And, I don't think Adobe Audition is available for MAC.

..::Pimp my Ride

Check the Pimp My Ride section. There's only one image pack on it, but it's available for PHOTOCHOPPING.

This is a design site, so it doesn't matter how artsy you make it. But, you better come correct.

If you don't know where to start, there's a tutorial and resources on

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It's September.
The PSP says time for Purple.