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CrocHunter 1962-2006

..::Ice Cube
Ink | Photoshop
..::JDM Lego Dude
..::Robeast Spread
Illustrator | Photoshop
Pencil [ by PEZ01 ] | Photoshop
Ink | Photoshop
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Prismacolor | Illustrator | Photoshop
..::I Love Candypop
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Currently Playing: Blues Drive Monster by Mitsumune Shinkichi


When it comes to design, MACs get all the love.... Anyway, I gotta represent with the VAIO up top.

Almost all of my design is done on a PC, except when I'm at work. Then, it's G5 time. But, a G5 ain't gonna make you fresh.

Besides, when I wanna get my mix on, it's always on the PC. I haven't found a MAC program as good as Sony Acid Pro (formerly Sonic Foundry Acid). And, I don't think Adobe Audition is available for MAC.

..::Pimp my Ride

Check the Pimp My Ride section. There's only one image pack on it, but it's available for PHOTOCHOPPING.

This is a design site, so it doesn't matter how artsy you make it. But, you better come correct.

If you don't know where to start, there's a tutorial and resources on

Send Pimped ride to

..::Wake me up when...

It's September.
The PSP says time for Purple.