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January 2007

Mission : Hollywood [ 20070116 ]]
Apple Dual Monitor Setup - Nah. I'm Keepin' it Real.[ 20070122 ]]

G5 Tower … [ X ]
30" Apple Cinema Display … [ X ]
17" Apple Cinema Display … [ X ]
Dual Monitor Setup … [ / ] … errr …

You know? I like a badass setup as much as any designer. And, a 30" flat panel with a flat panel satellite display ain't too shabby. But, come on now. At least have 'em both on and visible.

Well, the actual factual is that last week everyone next door got monitor upgrades. But, "Coworker X" got the mad hook-up. Unfortunately his system didn't have quite enough power to tame that beast of a monitor they got him. So, he's doomed to let the giant sleep in the back until they upgrade his video.

..::Ice Cube
Ink | Photoshop
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..::Robeast Spread
Illustrator | Photoshop
Pencil [ by PEZ01 ] | Photoshop
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MF DOOM & Zhieru - My Favorite Ladies

..::Anjelah Johnson

Another one from Kineda.
Anjelah Johnson ... at a ... Nail Salon.
LOL. Pretty good.

..::Who goes first?
Aerosol on Wood

..::Troop of the 100

Saw this posted on Kineda.
I wish they were all wearing ninja suits. I wonder if it's the same guys in this video.


So this guy puts up a Charger bolt for the holidays, and I finally snap a picture of it on Friday night.

Just in time for the game this Sunday....

..::Knock 'em out the box, Rick.

A funny post from Gizmodo about a funny post from Kotaku. I thought the verbage was funny…

"See that picture up there, the one with the guy flying backwards through the air? That's the G-rated version of what Nintendo did to the competition at launch."


So true. So true. But, I think he was blurting something like this.

..::A Pimp Named Slickback
Aerosol on Wood

Eagerly awaiting new episodes of
The Boondocks. Man, look at those drips!

Aerosol on Wood

In Japan, the Canon Digital Rebel's called
the Digital Kiss.
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